Your Life Just Got Easier

The newly announced Tyro and COSTAR integration will streamline your Order Entry repair order, invoices, credit notes and payments. The transaction amount will automatically be sent to your Tyro Eftpos Terminal, ready for your customers to tap and go (with the correct payment)! Eliminating room for human error, reducing wait times and processing your payments quickly and effectively. This is a win-win for both you and your customers!

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Once the transaction has been completed and accepted, COSTAR will automatically display the document print screen, from which the documents can be printed/emailed as required for you to finalise your sale. It’s as easy and efficient as can be! This will provide a smooth transmission of your payment between the sale of an Order Entry document in COSTAR and the Tyro EFTPOS terminal.

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Ensuring your COSTAR records and day-end banking, are consistent and are kept up to date!


Benefits of Tyro for your Workshop

  1. Process payments quickly and effectively
  2. Reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction
  3. Eliminate human error
  4. Simplify your end of day banking
  5. Consistent records between COSTAR and end of day banking
  6. Lower the security risk of carrying large amounts of cash
  7. Customers tap, you save

If you already use Tyro Eftpos Terminals and would like a hand configuring this integration please contact our Support Team on 1800 819 984 or email support@microhouse.com.au. Alternatively, if you’d like to get started with Tyro please get in touch here. For more point-of-sale options, click here to read about our Zip Pay integration.

We can’t run your workshop, but we understand the tools that you need to make it run like a well-oiled machine.

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