Boost your business with these great COSTAR Modules

Digital Vehicle Inspections

COSTAR Mobile is designed to provide a paperless work flow from your Front Counter into your Workshop Bays. COSTAR Mobile allows you to quickly and professionally highlight any items that might require attention on your customer’s vehicle, either in person or via email. Results are quickly and professionally presented to customers to streamline your service process and inform your customers of any necessary vehicle service or repair items, including alignment settings and tyre tread depth information.

Online Booking System

Let your customers book themselves into your workshop with a minimum of fuss. Unlike other online booking systems, COSTAR allows your clients to see what days are busy and which are free and then book in a time that suits them! No exchange of emails are required and the appointment is confirmed live for the customer and entered into your COSTAR with all the necessary notes, contact and vehicle details!

Retread Management System

COSTAR’s Retread Management System takes away all the fuss and hassle of managing and tracking Retreads, Cases and the endless paperwork associated with Retreads. Integrating seamlessly into your COSTAR system to generate the invoices and stock receipts for your customers  – the process could never be easier! Whether you service commercial clients that require extensive reporting on their tyres and retreads or if you are a a factory that manufactures Retreads, COSTAR Retread Management System is the right management tool for you.

COSTAR Wholesale Web Order

The B2B COSTAR Wholesale Web Order system is the industry standard in the Tyre & Automotive Marketplace and is known for its ease of use and extreme reliability. COSTAR Web Order is completely brandable and has support for banner advertising along with PDF document linkage to provide your Dealers with all of the information they need to sell your product! The WYSIWYG maintenance interface makes the Web Order system easy to manage and maintain by the distributor and does not require expensive IT support. COSTAR Web Order also supports multiple “skins”, so you can brand your website for your larger clients. For more detail on how COSTAR2COSTAR works, please read our blog post here.

COSTAR Rego Checker

The COSTAR Rego Checker provides you with a National Vehicle Registration Database all from the convenience from your COSTAR System. This integration gives you the peace of mind and the knowledge that the vehicles you or your staff members are driving are fully registered and legally safe to drive. To find out more about this powerful feature, please click here.

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