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Which COSTAR Version is Right For Me?

COSTAR provides your business with the industry’s highest standard Automotive Repair Shop Software for your Automotive or Tyre business. COSTAR application modules include Wholesale Web Orders, Retail POS, Retread Management System, Repair Orders, Scheduling, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Pricing, Accounting, Customer History and Customer follow up.  We know every business is different and has different needs, which is why each version of COSTAR is different. Read below to find the right version for you and your business!



COSTAR Express

COSTAR Express is designed for single location Automotive & Tyre Repair shops. COSTAR Express is the perfect solution for any business that wants to use a third-party accounting program but wants the best POS System for managing their Retail Point-of-Sale; Inventory Control; Accounts Receivable; Service Scheduling; Customer Service History and Follow-ups.

Although this is the entry-level for the powerful COSTAR Suite of products, it provides access to all sales function and inventory control including many COSTAR integrations such as NJOY Tyre Fitment Guide, Parts Supplier Integrations, Tyre & Wheel Supplier Integrations & more!






COSTAR Standard

COSTAR Standard is the perfect solution for any single location business that wants a full industry-specific software solution. From Book-in to BAS, Costar Standard has all the necessary tools to ensure your business performs at its peak.

COSTAR Standard combines all the features of COSTAR Express with the added benefits of an integrated Accounts Payable; General Ledger and Banking System.






COSTAR Professional

COSTAR Professional is the perfect solution for multi-location businesses that want a full industry-specific Automotive Repair Shop Software solution. From Book-in to BAS, Costar Professional has all the necessary tools to ensure your business performs at its peak.

COSTAR Professional combines all the features of COSTAR Standard but includes added functionality specific to multi-branch businesses. Provide financial reports based on a single location or consolidated across all trading entities within the business; easily transfer and track stock across multiple locations; share customers, stock, pricing and more across all locations.




COSTAR Enterprise

COSTAR Enterprise is the ultimate solution for Corporate Chains; Franchises; Major Retail Buying Groups; Wholesale Business or anybody needing a flexible custom solution.

Large Corporations and Retail chain operations deploy COSTAR Enterprise as a complete solutions to handle their Retail POS requirements as well as their upstream Wholesale Distribution needs. COSTAR Enterprise can provide a complete solution from Head Office to Warehouse to Retail operation that is unique in the industry. COSTAR Enterprise is highly configurable to meet the needs of more complex organisations, franchises and corporate structures, while at the same time maintaining it’s ease of use, reliability and scalability.


Automotive Repair Shop Software –

What kind of business are you?

Retail & Commercial

We understand what makes your business run and what makes it run profitably. COSTAR’s automotive repair shop software will allow you to effectively manage the day to day operations of your business.

Inventory Management, Supplier Catalogues, Pricing and Customer Management all come together in a real-time system that allows you and your team to provide quick, accurate and tailored quotes to all your customers. You can schedule the work, email or SMS clients on completion of the job and provide professional reports and documentation, all from your COSTAR system. Secure access to your Business Performance and Financial Reporting will give you the tools to understand and analyse your business better.

COSTAR also includes a growing range of supplier integrations to make your life easier. Whether it’s live stock availability from your supplier, direct electronic ordering and invoicing or integration of your EFTPOS Terminal to COSTAR, we will help you find efficiencies for your business. You will have access to our team of dedicated product specialists to help you get the most out of your system.  Our team has decades of both COSTAR and industry experience but like you, we are always learning as our industry changes and grows.

Wholesale & Distribution

A true B2B solution, COSTAR can provide you with Web Order, Wholesale functionality and Warehouse Management, integrated into a single platform so that you will get the right product to the right client with a minimum of fuss.

COSTAR operates in both retail and wholesale environments and gives you the flexibility to use the retail and wholesale functionality separately or run both within one business. Additionally, the wholesale and distribution solution has both multi-company and multi-branch capability. COSTAR provides Warehouse and Automotive Inventory Management Software functionality that tracks products by location. The option to use RFI Guns and scanning to manage in-bound and out-bound inventory adds great efficiencies to the pick, pack and ship processes, allowing for greater volume to be easily processed with greater control. COSTAR’s Web Order system is an integral part of the COSTAR Tyre Distribution product, allowing your customers to quickly and easily access your inventory, check stock, get pricing and place orders electronically from their web browser. COSTAR Web Order is your 24 hours-a-day Salesman! We have the solutions to your B2B requirements, even the ones you don’t know you need yet!


Providing the right tools to your technicians is vital in allowing them to do the best job that they can – and that includes COSTAR. At the centre of managing your workshop effectively is your COSTAR Appointment Scheduler. Fully integrated with the rest of COSTAR it allows your team to convert your quotes to appointments in the scheduler, assign technicians to specific jobs and to complete the scheduled work.

Create and customise inspection forms to suit your business and your customer requirements, and best of all you can complete these inspection forms on a tablet or phone in the workshop, eliminating double entry and mistakes when copying from workshop paper forms to your system. COSTAR Mobile allows you not only a mobile platform for the technicians but includes the ability to take, store and send photos which will provide your customers with clear evidence of any additional work required. Making sure that your customers are advised when their job is complete and ready for collections can be done simply by the built-in SMS feature.This same functionality is used to remind your existing customers of upcoming appointments, registration renewal, wheel alignments and scheduled services which provides excellent service and increases repeat business. Because we know that no workshop operates smoothly without the right people in the right jobs, there is a suite of Technician reports that will help you monitor productivity and improve efficiency. We can’t run your workshop, but we understand the tools that you need to make it run like a well-oiled machine.


Seamlessly integrated with COSTAR, the Retread Management System (RMS) will manage the process of tracking your cases and retreads in either the retail, commercial or factory environments.

RMS uses a Ticketing system to hold key information about a specific case and clearly indicates the actions to be performed. The menu system in RMS provides you with process control as the case moves through the various stages of the retread process.  Consumption of tread and other associated consumables from COSTAR provides accurate inventory management and actual cost analysis for the finished product. Finally, the direct integration to COSTAR allows you to produce accurate and detailed Sales and Purchasing documents for your customers and ensures you recover any associated costs or process any required case credits with the minimum of fuss. COSTAR’s RMS make a powerful tool for managing your retread business.

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