MICROHOUSE has been providing software for the Tyre & Automotive industries for over 30 years. From humble beginnings as a family business, operating out of shared office space in 1982, Microhouse has grown into an International leader in our industry. We have stayed at the forefront of technology services and continue to deliver on our promise to provide successful, reliable business systems.

In 2001  we formed a strategic partnership with COSTAR Computer Systems.

COSTAR Computer Systems specialises in providing software solutions to the Tyre and Automotive Retail and Wholesale Distribution industries. Industry knowledge in Tyre Retail, Tyre Wholesale, Automotive Workshop Management, Inventory Control, Purchasing and Accounting, allows COSTAR to provide customers with products among the finest in the industry. Combined we have 70 years of experience in providing and supporting our software.

COSTAR application functionality includes:

Customer Management

Retail Point-of-Sale

Pricing Matrices

Accounts Payable Management

Financial Controls & Reporting

Inventory Management

Data Security

Wholesale Order Desk

Retread Management Systems

COSTAR application software products are known for their audit standards, operational validity, reliability, and ease of use. Development of software solutions as well as providing professional service & support to the Automotive Aftermarket is our passion.[/column][/row]

Our Team

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